Criminal Minds ep. 10x21 - "Mr. Scratch"

  • May. 20th, 2015 at 11:59 PM
allaire: Don Eppes. (don eppes)
Good Lord, this whole episode was like one bad acid trip, much along the lines of that horrible episode with aliens in "Miami Vice". I think I lost at least 15 IQ points between the first mention of the "shadow monster" and Hotch's Oh So Horrible Mindrape Experience. Gah. As for his most terrible fear, I'd have expected a flashback to Hotch's time in the hands of the Reaper, or, you know, something not invented by a junkie on a high.

"Criminal Minds"? You haven't been consistently horrible so far, which is the only reason I still watch you. But if this storyline is indicative of the "quality" of any further episodes yet to come?

Consider me done with you. I think my brain is bleeding.

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