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I don't feel very Easter-ly, and I think I've lost track of time during this extended weekend. Lately, I've fallen head-first into Boromir-centric Lord of the Rings fiction (again), and I'm all a-fire for Gondor, which has stirred in me just a teensy-tiny little bit of resentment towards Aragorn Elessar, Gandalf, Elrond Half-Elven, and all the other Eldars who've found time to enjoy poetry, the peace of their forest homes, and a quiet life in the vast realm of Middle-Earth, while Gondor knew nothing but war, hopelessness and death, trying in vain to stemm the tide of Mordor.

Plus, Aragorn? Is not the rightful king of Gondor, so shut up, Legolas. He's a heir to the Northern Kingdom, Arnor, and because of his bloodline as a descendant of Isildur (and of Arvendui and Fíriel) he has a claim to Gondor's throne as well, but that's all - just a claim. A claim to which a similar one has been rejected once already. Gondor would do well with a king who's grown up within her borders, who's fought for her, who knows her people. I'm with Boromir on this one - "Gondor has no king. Gondor needs no king."

Okay, rant aside, I discovered I still love well-written Aragorn/Boromir slash, and as long as Aragorn isn't written as the be-all, end-all of heroic virtue (with Boromir-The-Traitor a mere footnote), I also like stories in which he is crowned High King... as long as Boromir is by his side.

After scouring the 'net for as-of-yet unread stories, I found a handful of treasures of which I'd now like to recommend the best. So go check out the newest update to storyteller's campsite for Alex Quine's stunning 'Cold Pressing' AU (A/B slash), as well as for Carolyn Golledge & Eleanor Tremayne's 'Rapid Peril' (gen), and Cinzia's 'A Fairy Tale of Gondor' (Aragorn/Boromir/Arwen).

...By the way, should I buy Boromir's flag of the White Tree of Gondor as seen in Osgiliath (movie :: merchandise) - y/y?
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Once and for all: It's far easier updating one's own site than uploading stories to fanfic archives... certain coding issues (I'm looking at you, too, DW!) are enough to drive one up the wall!

...Anyway, here's another update for storyteller's campsite.

First of all, I've added the two The Closer stories I've posted since Christmas, 'Two Steps Forward, One Step Back' and 'Blast from the Past' (both pre-het for the pairing of Brenda Leigh Johnson & Andy Flynn).

Second, I've added two recs for NCIS (Gibbs/DiNozzo), and one for Whitechapel (Chandler/Miles).

I also tried my hand at making lasagne sheets from pasta dough, but you don't want to hear about that.

So, enjoy!
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...which (for once) happens to be not so mini. Yay, go me!

Anyway: storyteller's campsite now features a new story of mine that's again set in the Make Your Own Fate 'Verse (Terminator: Salvation) called #4 - 'Full Take Down'.

I've also added new Jeeves and Wooster and Inception recs which required some significant reshuffling of my rec pages to fit in one for Jeeves and Wooster as well as one for Inception (go there for the new recs). By necessity, both the Profiler and the Mortal Kombat recs had to be moved back to the miscellaneous rec page. That very same page has also gained two new Dresden Files (Dresden/Marcone) recs (see here and here).

Oof. That was my weekend. Plus lots of reading in order to properly judge what had to be recommended, and which links had to be included. Aww. Poor Woobie!me.

Still, the amount of coding I had to do went to my head. I think I'm feeling faint.


Would more reading help? *eg*
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Frankly, I'm a bit pathetic these days - I can't seem to write anything, and no new fandom has sparked my interest. I've been kind of waffling between The Dresden Files, Supernatural resp. J2, and Stargate: Atlantis. The current television landscape is beyond disappointing, dammit.

Anyway, then Inception happened last weekend. I'm not suddenly all asquee over the movie (it was okay, but not outstanding, plus I violently dislike Leonardo DiCaprio), but the Inception fandom has seemingly grown overnight from nothing to a lot, and I can't deny that pairing Arthur and Eames has that certain something that just draws people in. So now I read Inception fanfic, too, and wait for a new fandom to ambush me and sweep me off my feet. Hello? New fandom? Where are you?

Anyway, one of my new recs on storyteller's campsite is for greenpixiehair's 'Breaking Point' (Eames/Arthur), plus I've finally added a rec for twistedchick's awesome Sports Night/due South crossover 'Ice' (Dan Rydell/Mark Smithbauer). Go read.
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After two months of technical difficulties (I still have to restore membership of my three old webrings) the server - and thus storyteller's campsite - is not only back up, but finally also accessible again. Meaning I can now upload updated files, yay!

I've been living and breathing Harry Potter over the last couple of weeks, but only insofar as Sirius Black is concerned. He's always been my by far favorite character of the Potterverse, and the injustices upon injustices heaped on him in canon have always managed to make me want to take up arms in his defense. Thankfully, there are a few stories (and authors) out there who love Sirius just as much as I do and either posted a gen story in which he was the competent, heroic main character, or else a slash story pairing him with Harry (yeah, yeah, I'm going to the Special HellTM, shut up!) so that he finally got together with someone who just understood him without previously having broken faith with him in 1981. In short, I've been reading (and am now recommending) quite a bit of chan, and despite being kind of horrified at myself, I've finally just decided to not think too deeply about that teeny little detail, and... :::coughcough::: Oh whatever. Harry/Sirius slash rules!

Back back on track. What I wanted to say is that now eight new Sirius-centric recs (four gen, four slash (all HP/SB)), and one het rec can be found on the Harry Potter rec page. Enjoy.
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Despite the update for storyteller's campsite again being rather pathetic, I didn't want to postpone it indefinitely. If you're interested, check out two new story recs: FabulaRasa's 'Kings of the Air', a Top Gun Maverick/Iceman story, and Cody Nelson's 'U Turn', an Angel/Lindsey story set early in the Angel-verse.
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Since [ profile] destinyawakened created the lj community [ profile] connor_wright for fans of the 4th Terminator movie, Terminator: Salvation, and asked me to co-mod, we've been trying our best to promote the community. Considering the amount of members it has gained, I'd say we've been quite successful.

T4 also inspired me to write about the tension sparking off between John Connor and Marcus Wright while simultaneously fixing the unsatisfying ending of the movie. The results, so far, are three parts of what I've dubbed the Make Your Own Fate-'Verse that now have all been uploaded to storyteller's campsite. The stories are titled #1 - 'Time is ticking down', #2 - 'Atonement', and #3 - 'Missing In Action, Presumed Dead' respectively. They range from gen/pre-slash to slash (John Connor/Marcus Wright) and have a total word count of 10,372 words. Enjoy!
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This update combines two instances I uploaded new recommendations to storyteller's campsite, and this time the fandoms involved are Sherlock Holmes (unbelievable but true: actually has a surprising amount of more-than-just-readable Holmes-fanfic) and NCIS.

As for Sherlock Holmes, I remembered [ profile] rabidsamfan's H/W story, 'Haunted', and its sequel, 'Revenant', and was thrilled to discover aragonite's Watson-centric gen novel, 'An Ordinary Meeting'.
Plus, [ profile] rageprufrock has thankfully decided to keep writing fic even outside the Merlin fandom, and I couldn't help but like her G/D story set in season 6, 'In-Law'.
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This update doesn't really deserve to be called such, but again, I remembered my promise to myself, and better a small addition to storyteller's campsite now than a larger (hypothetical) one in the future, right?


Today I found (and liked) [ profile] miss_aprosexia's 'Go Down Swinging', a Victor-Hendriksen-centric AU in the Supernatural fandom in which he survived the events of episode 3x12 "Jus in Bello", yay!
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Today it's even smaller than usual, and that quite says something. Still, I changed storyteller's campsite to v2.0 in the first place because I wanted to make it easy for myself to update it once I found a great new story instead of procrastinating for months.

To make a long story short, I found and adored scarlettandblue's 'Semper Fidelis', a new Gibbs-centric NCIS fic. It reconciled me more than a bit with Gibbs' character; a feat I'd thought impossible after everything that's happened on the show.

Go read. You won't regret it.
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I think I've already more than hinted that I've fallen in love both with the Batman/Gordon pairing in the Batman Nolanverse, as well as with an original slash story. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the new update of storyteller's campsite consists of three new stories added to the Batman rec page, foxypadawan's 'Midnight in Gotham', Noelia's 'Through the Holes in your Veins', and Planetgal471's 'Dropping Masks', plus the aforementioned original slash novel - an absolute must-read -, Marquesate & Vashtan's 'Special Forces Book One: Soldiers'.

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Since Kyle XY stories slashing Tom Foss and Kyle are pretty much non-existent (there's even a comm, [ profile] kyle_foss! and it's dead!), I was forced to return to The X-Files for my Nick Lea fix. Not a hardship, admittedly, as long as one ignores the last couple of seasons; anyway, it resulted in three more recs added to storyteller's campsite, KinkyGrrl's 'Falling Into His Eyes', Satina's 'Christmas Carol Redux', and Shannon Kizzia's 'Degrees' and its sequels.

Have fun - I certainly did. I had no idea Satina & Shannon had returned to the world of fandom and put up a page with their stories again.

:::gets all nostalgic:::
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Too much lazying around during my two-week vacation resulted in only one new story rec added to storyteller's campsite, poisontaster's 'Save As' (Die Hard 4). However, I've also managed to write and subsequently upload the two ficlets I've posted over the last two days, 'Control' (Kyle XY, Foss/OMC, Foss/Kyle UST, PG-13, S2) and 'Sign of Weakness' (NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, PG-13, S5). Enjoy.

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  • Jun. 21st, 2008 at 12:19 AM
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Prompted by a more or less chance encounter with a captivating Harry Potter story (at, of all places!) by UnexpectedInspiration, called 'The Wise One: Book One', the need to add it to my recommendations gave me the much-needed push to finally write out why I had been similarly delighted by a recently discovered K/S Star Trek: TOS story, 'Strong Together' by UKJess.

Check out these two additions to the recs at storyteller's campsite - after all, they almost wouldn't have seen the light of day, so to speak, for my annoyance with the (far too loud!) local soccer fans is still simmering nicely.
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Two weeks of vacation time, and what do I have to show for it? Not much. Well, I managed to watch the most recent seasons of Dexter, Angela's Eyes, Waking the Dead and Burn Notice, plus at least I've now organized the results of my latest headlong dive into a new fandom.

See for yourselves - I've just finished the NCIS rec page at storyteller's campsite.

Plus, Supernatural finally managed to sneak onto my miscellaneous rec page with [ profile] astolat's 'Leader of the Pack'.

Too bad I have to be back at work on Monday. I think I've finally gotten the hang of this vacation thing.

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  • Nov. 11th, 2007 at 12:49 AM
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I wish it were more, but at least I've brought up to date the miscellaneous recommendations. The update consists of favorites of mine in several smaller fandoms. Go read belmanoir's 'Too Good To Be True' (The Dresden Files), dvoid_03's 'Kinda Like That Movie With Sandra Bullock' (Eureka), hereswith's 'Never Go Back' (Firefly), E. E. Beck's 'Five Times Matt Almost Did Something Stupid, But Danny Saved Him' (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), and AndreaB's 'A Change in the Weather' (BtVS/SG-1 X-over)!

I've read all of these stories far, far too often and desperately hope that the last one, a WiP, will be updated one of these days. I. Want. More!

But for now, enjoy.
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Those last few months I've felt horribly unmotivated, and sadly that's evidenced in this mini update. Instead of finally adding the three still missing rec pages, I only managed to update three of the already existing ones with one new recommendation each. Go read Katie Forsythe's 'The Three Favours' (Sherlock Holmes), Lezlie Conch's 'Fly on the Wall' (The Professionals), and Elise Madrid's 'Waiting For Night To End' (Star Trek: The Original Series)... while I continue trying to find my drive. Wish me luck.

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  • Mar. 14th, 2007 at 12:34 AM
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Re-working the due South recommendations page caused me to experience a dS renaissance, and now I'm buried head-down in the DSA and due slash archives, trying to find a newish, longish story hitting all my buttons for Fraser and RayK-characterizations and interaction. My bad.

Oh, back to the topic in question: The due South recs are up on storyteller's campsite. Enjoy.

Also, Idler kindly gave me permission to archive her Horatio Hornblower story "Run Aground" that I'd only linked to so far, and which can be found on my Horatio Hornblower rec page.

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I can die happy now I can finally lean back a little and relax and pat my own shoulder encouragingly - next to the The Sentinel recommendations, the following rec page was definitely the most labor-intensive and time-consuming one to compile:

The miscellaneous recommendations page.

Whew. Done.

I'd planned to finish at least three more of the remaining rec pages this week (because hey, what else to do in a week's vacation, hmm? *headdesk*), but I don't think I'll manage more than perhaps another one.

Nonetheless, enjoy. And if you know of a story and/or link I ought to put up on the misc page, e-mail me or comment here. Pretty please. I'll go break down in a corner now or something.

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Well, I've been promising it for a long time, and finally I managed to get it done: the The Sentinel recommendations are now up on storyteller's campsite!

Re-reading all my old favorites showed me quite plainly how much my taste has changed over the years. The Sentinel was my second online fandom, and many a story I adored back then is something I consider today a bit naïve, unbalanced in regard to the character dynamics and/or overly sweet. Still, many of my old favorites managed to pass the test of time and drew me in again. Plus, admittedly Jim Ellison still makes me drool, ahem.

I also added a new story rec to the House, M.D. page and a couple of information/discussion links to about half of the other recommendations pages. Enjoy.

The next rec page I'm going to upload will most likely be the Miscellaneous one. Six more fandoms to go. Yay me.