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IIHF Worlds

  • May. 5th, 2015 at 12:42 AM
allaire: (satisfaction)
So, Sport 1 has bought the rights to transmit the IIHF World Hockey Championship on German TV. Unfortunately, though, they only air 1-2 games a day - mostly featuring German-speaking teams -, and so I'm dependent on watching streams of the games I'm actually interested in. (The less said about the 10:0 loss of Germany to Canada, the better, ouch.)

Plus, German language commentary on a game? Urgh. Don't get me started. It mostly consists of a long litany of the names of the players getting possession of the puck, and honestly, if I wanted but that, I'd write down a list of jersey numbers and the corresponding player names and read off it. *eyeroll*

Thankfully, today, though, I was able to watch USA vs. Russia on Sport 1 while my internet was down, and, voilà, just in time for the 20:15 game of Canada vs. Czech Republic, after about nine hours, the problem had finally been resolved, yay.

Canada won, hah. Clearly, Jaromír Jágr is not the Teemu Selänne of the 2014 Olympics.

And I damn well hope Sidney Crosby makes it into the Triple Gold Club.